Validate lab--command not found

vagrant@m103:/$ validate_lab_first_sharded_cluster

validate_lab_first_sharded_cluster: command not found

Any suggestions?

Out of interest did you mean to use those ports for your replica set … I thought the validate would be looking for ports 27001, 27002 and 27003?

Since those were the ports in the original nodes.

So mongos 26000, mongo config servers on 26001-3 and replica set on nodes 27001-3

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I’ll try that. Thanks.

Also, if you still get the same error validate_lab_first_sharded_cluster: command not found, please try the following:

  • run download_validators command from inside the vagrant
  • If the above command does not help, then run vagrant provision from outside the vagrant. Then run vagrant ssh and try running the commands again.