Validate first app user check is broken

MongoDB Enterprise > db.getUsers()	
		"_id" : "admin.m103-application-user",
		"user" : "m103-application-user",
		"db" : "admin",
		"roles" : [
				"role" : "readWrite",
				"db" : "applicationData"

User ‘m103-application-user’ not configured correctly - your application’s user
should only have access to the applicationData database.

Can anyone explain this, my user only has read/write to the db specified yet it’s saying the answer is incorrect

  1. May be the password is wrong.
  2. May be the validation code does not connect to the same server as the one you ran getUsers()

My problem was that I enabled auth in my mongod.conf file but never restarted mongodb. After I connected to the admin database, ran db.shutdownServer() and restarted mongod, the validation worked.