Vagrant up failed

i installed the virtual box 6.0 and vagrant 2.2 on windows 10 machine. i am having trouble while bring up vagrant. can someone please help me to fix the issue?

D:\MongoDb\m312-vagrant-env (1)>vagrant up
Bringing machine ‘m312’ up with ‘virtualbox’ provider…
==> m312: Box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’ could not be found. Attempting to find and install…
m312: Box Provider: virtualbox
m312: Box Version: >= 0
The box ‘ubuntu/trusty64’ could not be found or
could not be accessed in the remote catalog. If this is a private
box on HashiCorp’s Vagrant Cloud, please verify you’re logged in via
vagrant login. Also, please double-check the name. The expanded
URL and error message are shown below:

URL: [“”]
Error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

@ Niranjan_Reddy_90794

This looks like a duplicate of your later post which I have answered. If that’s right, then post your comments there – if not, please update this with additional information. Good luck.

hi everyone.

this issue has been resolved by adding this line in vagrant file

please add this in vagrant and then save it and then run “vagrant up” to start VM.

config.vm.box_download_insecure = true