Vagrant up did not work with me

I got an issue when I trying to run the command Vragrant up and I installed two version of vagrant the first one is vagrant_1.9.6_x86_64 and the second vagrant_2.2.0_x86_64 but both of them did not work Vagrant-up

You need to upgrade powershell.

This page may be able of assistance.

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Thank you, I tried it but it did not work I get “The update not applicable for your computer” it seem to be that the Windows 7 is done for me, thank you for your time and consideration

Hi Mohammed,

Seems like you need only 1.9.6 version running. And as far I can found this solution which worked for some users in the past:

Cleanup if any of the file is created before in your C:/users//VirtualBox Vms

after that open the cmd with “Run as Administrator” and then move to the m103-vagrant-env directory. And then try to run vagrant up --provision…

One more, problem and solution by the sam person:


I am having windows 7 service pack 1. I installed virtual box and vagrant, I am trying to run command ‘vagrant up’ , not able to do so.

am i doing some mistake here?

C:\Users\slakshm1\University\m103>vagrant up Must redirect to new repository for old Vagrant versions No usable default provider could be found for your system.

Vagrant relies on interactions with 3rd party systems, known as “providers”, to provide Vagrant with resources to run development environments. Examples are VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V.

The easiest solution to this message is to install VirtualBox, which is available for free on all major platforms.

If you believe you already have a provider available, make sure it is properly installed and configured. You can see more details about why a particular provider isn’t working by forcing usage with vagrant up --provider=PROVIDER , which should give you a more specific error message for that particular provider.



I have resolved this by installing latest version of vagrant.

I got struck with another problem. ‘vagrant up’ was hanging and gave powershell error. I had to install powershell 4. i could get pass through the problems.

Also, here are more solutions listed here.

Let me know if something works!