"vagrant up" command is not working

Hello everyone,
I am getting the below error from the past 2 days when i do “vagrant up” command:

"The guest machine entered an invalid state while waiting for it
to boot. Valid states are ‘starting, running’. The machine is in the
‘unknown’ state. Please verify everything is configured
properly and try again.

If the provider you’re using has a GUI that comes with it,
it is often helpful to open that and watch the machine, since the
GUI often has more helpful error messages than Vagrant can retrieve.
For example, if you’re using VirtualBox, run vagrant up while the
VirtualBox GUI is open.

The primary issue for this error is that the provider you’re using
is not properly configured. This is very rarely a Vagrant issue."

note: My operating system is windows 10 home and virtualization in bios is already enabled.
virtual box verison is 6.0.12 r133076 (Qt5.6.2) and vagrant version is 2.2.5

Hi @Rajesh_Chinni_09970,

This is not really an error.

Please run vagrant up --provision and ssh into your vagrant machine using vagrant ssh.

It should work fine. Please get back if you face any issues.

Curriculum Support Engineer