Vagrant SSH not working

Below is the error. Tried setting the path to

C:\Users\AG33689\m103\m103-vagrant-env>vagrant ssh
error: Invalid command line -o option ‘IdentitiesOnly’

Usage: ssh [options] [user@]host[#port] [command]
-A Enable authentication agent forwarding.
-a Disable authentication agent forwarding (default).
-b Local IP address.
-c cipher[,cipher] Select encryption algorithms (comma separated list).
-C Enable compression.
-D port Enable dynamic application-level port forwarding via SOCKS4/5
-e char Set escape character; ``none’’ = disable (default: ~).
-E prov Use ‘prov’ as the external key provider.
-f Places client in background just before command execution.
-F file Read an alternative configuration file.
-g Allow remote hosts to connect to forwarded ports.
-H scheme Use the specified scheme name in the config file.
-i keyfile Identity file for public key authentication.
-k dir Custom configuration dir where config file, hostkeys and
userkeys are located.
-l user Log in using this user name.
-L [FTP/|TCP/]listen-port:host:port Forward local port to remote address.
These cause ssh to listen for connections on a port, and

Hi @Jishnu_89658,

Please share the following details :

Version of Vagrant
Version of VirtualBox
Name and version of your Operating System

And what was the output of vagrant up command ?

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer