Vagrant Question

I have no idea where i missed the talk about Vagrant. I have been all the way thru m001 and 80% done with M103 and now im seeing Vagrant everywhere but I never heard it talked about in any of the lectures. Could somebody please point me in the direction where this is explained. I am lost with it.

You do not need vagrant anymore with the new M103.

The concepts are the same and everything is done in the IDE.

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Thanks I thought i was going crazy as i rewatched every lecture in m001.

In the old course, they were using a vagrant virtual machine so that people would not cause any issue on their machine while learning, playing and fumbling with the software. Installing and running vagrant was creating its share of issues and hurdles.

With the new IDE, all the software is preinstalled. One less hurdle. Since it is a VM somewhere on the cloud, we may fumble as much as we like without disturbing our own computer. Have fun!