Vagrant provisioning issue

I am installing vagrant on my machine and when I run vagrant up --provision in the command line I got the below error. Please advise on where I would need to change permission. My user account is Admin

The directory Vagrant will use to store local environment-specific
state is not accessible. The directory specified as the local data
directory must be both readable and writable for the user that is
running Vagrant.

Local data directory: C:/Users/m103/m103-vagrant-env/.vagrant

Please show us the snapshot on how you started vagrant up

Your path shows forward slashes?
On Windows it would be back slash

Hi @Olawale_87336,

Please share the information requested by @Ramachandra_37567.

In addition to that, please try to run the command prompt as an administrator and see if that resolves your issue or try to manually change the property of the .vagrant folder and give the permissions.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Is your system Windows 7? In that case, there is not solution.
If your system is Windows 10, uninstall everything, then run all over again as Administrator.
In case the issue persist, right click on .vagrant folder, go to Properties, then Advanced and change permissions.

If you’re experiencing permissions issues on this sub-folder then there’s a chance that the parent folder is also affected, which would also affect your provision files and shared folders.

So, I would actually change the permissions for the m103-vagrant-env folder and give your account Modify and Read & Execute or Full Control permissions, and then ensure that .vagrant also has the right permissions. After-which I would open a normal Command Prompt window and run it as normal.

When you specified this directory:
you meant that actual directory? That could be the reason.
If you are Admin, using, for instance Olawale as Admin username, the path should be something like this:


Otherwise Windows understands m103 is an unregistered user: