Vagrant environment taking forever to setup

The vagrant is taking forever to setup and the Booting VM process is like going on for atleast past 6 hrs. Should I close it? or let it be.

Has it come out?Vagrant takes resources but 6 hrs is too long
What is the memory on your box
Please check this link

Vagrant does not work

I got 8 gbs of RAM and 1TB hard disk and an i5 processor so i think my system has the resources. I checked the link you provided and i have followed it to the best of my knowledge and still I am not able to pinpoint what I did wrong or missed.

Hi @Utkarsh_07296,

Please check if firewall or anti-virus is not causing the issue. Also, try run vagrant ssh.

It might be possible that VM is already running. You can check VM status by running:

vagrant global-status