Vagrant does not work

It is the second time that I register for the course,
and again issues with getting the vagrant online.

I don’t think the explanations are clear enough to enable me to follow your courses.
I need a working solution, and I don’t want to invest time in setup, I want to learn mongodb, the rest is a plus, but if it takes too long to get the config right …

my time and probably your time is too precious to loose it on config

please give me a straight forward procedure to get the sh*t up and running.

many thanks in advance


Hi Steven,

I am so sorry for your experience. We are in process for updating the instructions for the setup. We are doing everything we can do to improve and be clear about the instructions.

Can you take a look here? I have written some steps for the setup.

Let me know if it works and if it doesn’t too.


Hi Kanika,
I am trying to create a new environment on Redhat 7.6, so do you have recommendations regarding VirtualBox and Vagrant versions to ensure they work fine with the current m103 configuration file.
I have tried using VirtualBox-5.2-5.2.22_126460 and Vagrant_2.2.2, but it failed in Booting VM while during vagrant-up.