Vagrant Box -missing from my course

In Chapter 0, I don’t see anything about a Vagrant Box. I am currently in Chapter 2 - Setting up a replica set and I was wondering what is this IP address that we use in the config file. At around 5:13 in the lecture video, the instructor says something about a Vagrant Box. That is when I started digging into the discussion forum and saw a whole thread on how to install a Vagrant box which refers to a lab exercise for the same.

I don’t see it in my course, Could anyone shed some light on this?

You do not need vagrant for the new version of the course. Simply used the supplied IDE.

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Ok. The lecture videos with the additional IP address was a bit confusing. But I was able to to the labs using just localhost.

Thank you @steevej-1495 for the answering :slight_smile: