Using WriteModelStrategy for Timeseries collection

i was trying to use Update One Timestamps Strategy for a mongo sink connector for a timesereies collection, it was failing with time series collection but was working with normal collection.

Is this a limitation in timeseries collections?

Hi @Kanishka_Viraj,

Time series collections have a different internal storage format and there are some limitations depending on your version of MongoDB server. Please review Time Series Collection Limitations in the relevant version of the MongoDB server documentation for more information.

A limited range of Update and delete operations is possible in MongoDB 5.0.5 or newer. There are also New time series capabilities coming for MongoDB 6.0.

If your use case requires more flexibility than the current time series implementation, you could consider using a normal collection with The Bucket Pattern instead.

It would also be helpful if you can share or upvote relevant ideas on the MongoDB Feedback Engine.


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