Using Wix to install MongoDB Tools MSI package

We have a WIX bundle that installs both MongoDB local database MSI and also the MongoDB Tools MSI along with another custom application that uses both.

When the installer starts to execute the MongoDB Tools MSI installer it invokes a message box indicating the user doesn’t have sufficient privileges to access the folder to install in. I have tried multiple folders in the system ‘C:\Program Files’ folder with no luck. Running the WIX bundle installer using “Run as Admin” works with no problems.

Why does the MongoDB database MSI not have an issue, but the Mongo Tools MSI does? I assume that the MongoDB Tools MSI package was created using:


I have looked at both MSI installers using ORCA.exe, but it is not obvious where the issue is. I can always use a brute force to install the Mongo Tools files as components, but was hoping to simply execute the Tools MSI package.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I finally solved this issue for those that may run into this in the future.

The MongoDB Tools MSI does not set explicitly set the INSTALLSCOPE attribute, which apparently it is defaulting to “PerUser”, when it needs to be “PerMachine” to prevent the need for UAC.

Since we are not the author of the MSI, there is an attribute in MSIPackage element named ForcePerMachine, which needs to be set to the value of ‘Yes’.