Using Mongo with other languages

After watching this course will it help me using mongo db with php or django? or its structure and quries will be implemented differently.
Looking forward for your replies

Hi @Kamran_48099,

MongoDB Basics course is designed for brand new learners of MongoDB. It tells you:

  • How to install MongoDB
  • How to use Compass, the MongoDB GUI
  • The MongoDB document model and basic schema design
  • The MongoDB query language
  • How to use Atlas, MongoDB’s hosted database as a service offering

We also have courses about how to use MongoDB as the database for Python, Java and Node.js application:

  • M220P: MongoDB for Python Developers
  • M220J: MongoDB for Java Developers
  • M220JS: MongoDB for JavaScript Developers

You can find these courses in MongoDB University.

Moreover, the concept of MongoDB Query Language will be the same, except few implementational changes depending on drivers of different languages. Please refer to the following doc:

Please let me know, if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,