Using IN in Kotlin SDK queries

Hello. I’m encountering a problem where I need to query entities with ids in a list. So I do:

query<EntityClass>("_id IN $0", ids)

where ids is the list of ids, but my app crashes, saying this type is not supported. What worked for me was to manually join the list into a static query, or into comma-separated templates.

Documentation here shows that it’s possible to provide a list as a single argument (third example), but it doesn’t seem to be in practice when using Kotlin SDK.

Am I missing something? Or is manually building the query the correct way? What if I have, say, 100 elements in the list?

What version of the SDK are you using? We added support for passing lists as arguments in version 1.10.0.

Hello. I’m using 1.9.0. I will try updating to 1.10.0 today! Thanks!