Using CDK to deploy and manage MongoDb

I am trying to deploy and manage MongoDB cluster & databases using CDK as mention in mongodb blog. As a first step, following AWS registry extension in Cloudformation:

  • MongoDB::Atlas::Cluster
  • MongoDB::Atlas::DatabaseUser
    The region we use in AWS in eu-west-1 where these extension are not available. Is it possible to deploy to eu-west-1 with CDK ?

Thanks Krishnapriya. We are working to expand both the number of MongoDB Atlas resources for AWS CloudFormation as well as expanding into more AWS regions. You can expect these updates to be available in Q1 2023. Unfortunately, since AWS CDK deploys via AWS CloudFormation the same region availability restrictions will apply to AWS CDK as well.

In the interim, suggest explore the Terraform CDK which deploys via Terraform instead. Here you will be able to deploy MongoDB Atlas clusters into AWS eu-west-1 region. To learn more see here:

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Thank you Zuhair for the recommendation. Another approach suggested to me was to upload the registry in github manually to the region where this is not present and then use it

Would that manually approach also continue to stay updated with latest commits? Our team as well as community members are regularly contributing to the MongoDB Atlas Resources for AWS CDK repo on GitHub. If it is not possible to leverage us-east-1 on AWS CDK for a months while we work on region expansion then suggest exploring if your workload can be deployed via Terraform CDK which also has a free community edition and will allow you to deploy MongoDB Atlas resources in AWS eu-west-1 today.