UserManagement Validation Hangs

Just working through the User Management Section and while the unit tests all pass, the validation just hangs. i.e. does not return from the message ‘Currently Validating’. I revalidated all the rest of the validation tests up to that point and they all return. There are no log messages on the spring-boot:run console. What’s up? What have I done? :slight_smile:
I’ve gone through a couple of the suggestions. i.e. change the JWT, etc. I don’t remember the dataset test alluded to by the comment " Ensure you have the dataset correctly loaded. If the first test fails, especially on checking for 45993 documents you do not have the correct data and will not be able to pass all the tests" What test is that? 45993 documents in what collection? In movies I have 23539 documents, is that wrong?

Screen shots below.

It is absolutely correct. Ignore the message there. I will fix that.

Please check the code again. Also, let me send you a message to share the code with me.