User Report: Test ok, Validation error


In this Ticket, I passed the test but can not get the validation code:

In the console It seems that it can be a problem with user api… any idea to help me?

POST /api/v1/user/make-admin 400 242.851 ms - 55
GET /api/v1/user/comment-report 401 3.271 ms - 68
GET /api/v1/user/comment-report 401 0.491 ms - 64


Hi @Santi_09183,

Please share the code changes you have made. Also, the screenshot of the output when you run the unit test.


Solved!!! It was a ‘personal bug’!! I don’t know why but i start the Chapter 3 before Chapter 2… :rofl::rofl::man_facepalming:

thanks for the response!