User profile after login with Apple is empty

After signing in with Apple, the user.profile object has all nil properties. If email and name is not automatically set with the values provided by the Apple sign in, how can I set those values?

From my understanding, there are a limited numbers of providers (Facebook, Google and a Custom JWT) that populate the profile data (aka user metadata). See Authentication Provider Metadata

If you’re using the Swift SDK, see User Metadata - Swift SDK, noting the following

You cannot edit user metadata through a User object.

So now you know what you can’t do, what you can do is leverage Realms Custom User Data system which allows the developer to define what custom data goes with each user and can be easily read in and manipulated when a user authenticates.

Also, I believe Apple only shares user information such as the display name with apps the first time a user signs in and I don’t know if we have access that through Realm’s Apple Auth

Perhaps someone else can add more info.