User Management: invalid response to register

HI There,
i hope you are all fine.
does anyone have some clue why after all the tests passing i get this error in the status page?

User Management: invalid response to register

i have also restored the DB
changed the security token

but still nothing.
it is a bit frustrating because there are just 2 days missing before the completion of the second part and i am stuck with this issue

Any help will be really aprecitated


I have solved the issue.It seems that in DEBUG mode i was able to arrive to the final step and i managed to get the token!

weird issue although!

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Thats Great @FEDERICO_SCANU_85588! :slight_smile:

It would be great for other learners if you can share the issue you were getting and the solution.


May be, this error occurs when installed JDK version > 1.8, so activate JDK 8 would be the remedy.
That was the case for me.