User Management Currently Validating

User Management:
“Currently Validating” is present on the status page, test is green.
Cannot understand what is the problem

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Hi @starlord_main,

It’s a bit hard to decipher this one for you.
Can you send us a screenshot ?


I’m facing the similar issue? did yo find any solution?

Please try after clearing out the cache and after restarting the application.

Also, a screenshot would be more helpful.


I have the same problem. After clearing out the cache and restarting the mflix app nothing has changed :frowning:

Hi @Lukasz_48184,

Please share the console screenshot when you run the Status Page.
If you are still facing the issue, please share the code changes you have made for the ticket.


CH 2: Ticket status for User Management appears to hang

User Management “Click to begin validation” changes to “Currently Validating” but stops there and never completes.

The way I got into this state is via “deleteUserSessions” This function is provided to us missing it’s Java Doc.

public boolean deleteUserSessions(String userId) {
//TODO> Ticket: User Management - implement the delete user sessions method
return false;

If you correctly implement this method but don’t return true you will enter the hanging state described above.

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