Use something other than vagrant and virtual box

I have windows 10 and am using Hyper-V. I am very acquainted with Virtual technologies but If you install both on a machine that uses docker desktop, it sometimes causes problems. Do you have a docker image, or downloads where I can create the resultset or shards needed locally?

hey @mclovis

The official Docker image for mongodb

Thanks for the information, I can set up database, etc locally. Just didn’t know if the homework was accomplish-able with just the mongod server or does data need to be imported, etc.

I would like to avoid install those software as well if possible.
but seems not possible

@mclovis, @Jinsong_76041 have a look in the vagrant and provision files. You’ll be able to see all the steps that are run and from there try to replicate that in your environment.

I doubt that the Curriculum Engineers would have created a Docker process for these labs.

@007_jb, thank you for the tip!

Thanks all, I had previously implemented the suggestion. So far so good.