Use function in can_evaluate rule expression


I’m having issues using a function in my Rule Expression for the “can_evaluate” feature.

I have a basic function canAccessPartition (will be renamed, for testing purposes only) which looks like this

"use strict";

const canAccessPartition = (user) => {
    return true;
exports = canAccessPartition;

Then there’s another function with the following Rule Expression for Can Evaluate (taken from

  "%%true": {
    "%function": {
      "name": "canAccessPartition",
      "arguments": []

Trying to execute this function leads to the following error: Function myFunc: FunctionExecutionErrorError - rule not matched for function "myFunc".

Changing the function name to a non-existent function in the Can Evaluate Rule Expression leads to the same error, which means I don’t have any idea at which point the whole construct fails. Logs from the canAccessPartition function are also nowhere to be found.

Any pointers to what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Marces Engel