Urgent Issues : Don't receive all fields in Power BI from MongoDB Atlas using ODBC

Hello all,

I use Power Bi to connect to MongoDB Atlas using ODBC connector : BI connector version 2.14 I don’t receive all the columns from the Data Sources.

I tried many time to refresh the connection, clean all the connection setting and isn’t work ?
I contact Microsoft support team and after checking they told that the problem come from the connector BI.

Any one please can help me to solve this issues ? It’s very Urgent.

Thank you for your help.

Can you see all columns from command line? (mongosqld or whichever tool you use)
May be permissions issue
Check data source settings

Hi @Ramachandra_Tummala ,

Thank you for your answer.
Yes I get all columns using MongoDB Compass with the same permissions.
So the problem is not come from Data Source Settings.


I am not referring to mongodb user permissions
In your Power BI under datasource tab something like global & file permissions radio tab must be there

Yes, it’s there :

It could be filters or other settings causing issue
What is the query you are using in editor
Check BI forums.You may get more help

Hello @Ramachandra_Tummala,
I already check all this but the problem is not come from Power BI, I had a discussion with Power BI support Team. And we conclude that the problem come more the MongoDB BI connector using ODBC.
This is why I am here to understand the issues.
It will be very helpful for me if you make me in contact with the Engineer Team.
Thank you.


did you get any solution to this problem?

when you update/add new data at MongoDB, it is not reflecteing in powerbi.
and there is intermediate connector between mongo and powerbi i.e MongoDB bi connector