Urgent Issues : Don't receive all fields in Power BI from MongoDB Atlas using ODBC

Hello all,

I use Power Bi to connect to MongoDB Atlas using ODBC connector : BI connector version 2.14 I don’t receive all the columns from the Data Sources.

I tried many time to refresh the connection, clean all the connection setting and isn’t work ?
I contact Microsoft support team and after checking they told that the problem come from the connector BI.

Any one please can help me to solve this issues ? It’s very Urgent.

Thank you for your help.

Can you see all columns from command line? (mongosqld or whichever tool you use)
May be permissions issue
Check data source settings

Hi @Ramachandra_Tummala ,

Thank you for your answer.
Yes I get all columns using MongoDB Compass with the same permissions.
So the problem is not come from Data Source Settings.


I am not referring to mongodb user permissions
In your Power BI under datasource tab something like global & file permissions radio tab must be there

Yes, it’s there :

It could be filters or other settings causing issue
What is the query you are using in editor
Check BI forums.You may get more help

Hello @Ramachandra_Tummala,
I already check all this but the problem is not come from Power BI, I had a discussion with Power BI support Team. And we conclude that the problem come more the MongoDB BI connector using ODBC.
This is why I am here to understand the issues.
It will be very helpful for me if you make me in contact with the Engineer Team.
Thank you.