Upsert Embedded Array

Greetings All,

I am using the latest version of MongoDB 6.0.5 Community version on a standalone server and I’m using the latest version of the PHP MongoDB Driver library (mongodb/mongodb - Packagist) to interact with the database.

I have a collection of documents that resemble the following example:

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "644377c8bda636ff6f04ceb2"
  "acct_id": {
    "$oid": "6427eead36cef4611c0ab772"
  "co_contacts": [
      "con_id": "000000001",
      "con_type": "address",
      "con_label": "Main Office",
      "con_add1": "51 Maple Dr",
      "con_city": "Somewhere",
      "con_state": "FL",
      "con_zip": "12323",
      "con_country": "United States"
      "con_id": "000000002",
      "con_type": "address",
      "con_label": "2nd Office",
      "con_add1": "123 First St.",
      "con_city": "Kansas City",
      "con_state": "KS",
      "con_zip": "13222",
      "con_country": "United States"
      "con_id": "000000003",	
      "con_type": "person",
      "con_label": "Manager",
      "con_fname": "Bob",
      "con_lname": "Smith",
      "con_person_num": "232 2212 222",
      "con_person_email": ""
  "co_name": "Big Sky Co",
  "co_size": "small",

I would like to be able to either update or insert (upsert) documents into the co_contacts array with one call to the database, but I can’t seem to get it right. My workaround is to use two calls as follows:

	$updateResult = $collection->findOneAndUpdate(['_id' => $oid, 'co_contacts.con_id' => '00000002'],['$set' => ['co_contacts.$' => $data]],['returnDocument' => MongoDB\Operation\FindOneAndUpdate::RETURN_DOCUMENT_AFTER]);

	if (is_null($updateResult)) $updateResult = $collection->updateOne(['_id' => $oid],['$push' => ['co_contacts' => $data]]);

Can someone help me optimize my PHP code into one call (e.g. upsert)?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Alexander_Dean, Welcome to the MongoDB developer forum,

I don’t know the syntax in PHP, you can refer to the following topic,

@turivishal Thanks, I’ll have a look at that thread.