Upgrading to next plan. Said would take a few minutes, it's now closer to an hour

Small startup, have started on the shared tier and now we have a few customers in production was looking to upgrade the cluster to the next tier.

The panel warned that there would be 7-10 minutes of downtime. However it’s been closer to an hour now and the cluster is completely unresponsive.

To add to the frustration, the Support chat is completely unresponsive.
I know we’re only on a cheaper plan right now, but it doesn’t instill confidence that we should grow relying on this kind of service.

Hello @Qdev ,

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We do not have access to any insights on your cluster over the forums so contacting the chat support was the right choice in this case and I hope you have gotten a response by this time from the chat support team regarding this issue and your issue is resolved.

However in saying so, there are several support plans with dedicated SLA’s in which the high severity incidents with severity levels 1 and 2 have 24x7 support as noted in the Cloud Services Support Policy.