Upgrading Realm When Both React-Native and Native layer both use realm

Our team is interested in upgrading Realm to the latest version.

One constraint to this upgrade is currently our application uses realm on both the react-native layer and native layer.
So for example currently we use:
ReactNative: 10.8.0
RealmSwift: 10.15.0
Realm Android: 10.8.1

On a high-level this is an anti-pattern. Typically we would want to use Realm only on the react-native or only on the native layer and not both at the same time. We are in a situation where it is not worth switching to one or the other just yet.

We decided to try upgrading to
ReactNative: 10.16.0
RealmSwift: 10.25.1
RealmAndroid: 10.11.0

As all of these Realm-SDKs have the same realm-core version of 11.14.0.

Although this is the case, on iOS when attempting to run using this mix of versions ( realm-js v10.16.0 and RealmSwift 10.25.1 we get a runtime exception and the app crashes right away.

Wonder if there is some detail we are missing to get these to work nicely together? Maybe an issue with how libraries are getting linked, something like that?

Screenshot of error: