Upgrade from M0 to M2 deleted all my data

As the topics unfortunately states… After I upgraded my M0 Cluster to M2, once the migration was complete all my data was lost and this message appeared:
Your cluster upgrade failed during data migration, and in some rare cases, your cluster may be missing data.
If this is the case, please contact our support staff for help with data recovery.

And along with this I can’t even contact support without paying more?? This is absolutely ridiculous and I think it’s something I wouldn’t even expect from a start up, to think a service where millions are using has this issue is unbelievable especially the first project I switched from Firebase to MongoDB, I might as well switch back with the little bit of data I thankfully didn’t delete in Firebase. But the worst part is I’ve worked on so much more in the time that I’ve moved to MongoDB.
Can’t even believe this is real especially after thinking I could launch my product tomorrow after migrating the cluster. But here I am praying for someone to see this forum post as without a payment I can’t get direct support. I hope someone from the MongoDB team sees this and can help me recover the fundamental data that I’ve lost because as I’ve said this is unbelievable and totally unexpected from such a mature service.

Hi @Peter_Khouly,

It’s unfortunate you’ve experienced this issue. Could I ask that you contact the in-app chat support as soon as possible regarding this issue? The in-app chat support does not require any payment to use and can be found at the bottom right corner of the Atlas UI:



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Thanks Jason, everything has been resolved and I am grateful for the backend team.


I’m glad to hear it was resolved by the support team and thank you for updating the post with that confirmation. I understand the message received in the UI could be improved in this particular case so I have provided some feedback internally.

Best Regards,

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