Update Operators Lecture understanding

"For reviews, comments, and other user contributions, we recommend that some portion of your reviews, often these are the most recent or most useful, are included as embedded documents" from lecture “Update operators”.
I don’t quite understand what you mean. Is the structure in the tomato rating to be changed to the one mentioned in the line above (from Lecture -> array with ‘object’ type elements.)? Or does this only apply to new reviews and new fields that are not currently exist in the document?
Or is it a recommendation how to store such information in general in documents (structure).
P.S. reviews array - What I’m talking about

Hi @Victor_69915,

In essence with regards to MongoDB Schema design, it’s useful to put a limited number of embedded documents within the movie document to only retrieve a single document (the movieDetails document for the specific movie).
The purpose of the embedded documents would be to hold the highest and / or lowest 10 reviews, maybe the last 10/15 comments on the movie or similar.
If you then take that single document with those embedded documents you can easily render that in a web page representing the movie.
If then somebody wants to looks at all the reviews then can click into a review tab/button to render another page which would get all the reviews related to that movie for example.
The idea of embedded in this case is really to have a smaller subset of all the data that would easily fit within the 15MB document size limit but still allow a program to query for just one document to render the page on the movie plus it’s details.

If you have any further doubts, please let me know.