Update comments (2/3 tests passing)

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I read all the threads about this ticket to no avail, before posting. Here are the results of my tests:


From it, I can deduce that it’s not modifying/updating the comment (be it because it doesn’t exist or it can’t find it).

Since the first test passes, I would expect the comment to be found in the server. It’s not the case, here’s what a find in compass gets me:

This comment for Interstellar is not the one we are inserting with the test (text: “fa-fe-fi-fo-fum”).

As I’ve seen in other threads the issue about getMoviesById, yes, I do have {$sort: {date: -1}} at the end.

Running out of ideas here, please shine a light.


This is a testing env and not going to be saved in the database permanently.

Ill say this your query are correct which is why I am going to flag the post and ask you remove the answers since it is against forum guidelines.

And on that note. I am not 100% sure what your error is. Are you returning the updatedResponse in the function? Sorry I am not further help but again please do not post answers in the forums.

No worries, edited my post.

Yep, I’m returning updatedResponse in the function.

Is there any way I can debug this further step by step? (the test)

It’ll pass the third test regardless because the test is checking that given a different user, you can’t update a specific comment. The default count of updated comments is 0, and if you haven’t gotten an update comment function to work, the 0 coincides with the 0 returned by a working function, albeit for the wrong reasons.

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Hi @Lolo_40041,

Let me know if I can help in any way. :slight_smile: