Unzip mflix-python.zip inside the Downloads directory?

From Chapter0: Introduction and Setup: Lecture: README: Setting Up mflix:

Under “Download the mflix-python.zip file”
The instructions say to “unzip the file and cd into the project’s root directory, mflix-python .”

cd ~/Downloads
unzip mflix-python.zip
cd mflix-python

This does not create a directory named mflix-python.
I assumed I should create a directory named mflix-python, move the mflix-python.zip file into that directory, then unzip it in that directory. But I had problems running the app, so I decided to start over and follow the instructions exactly. But that didn’t work, because unzipping the mflix-python.zip file while in the downloads directory does not create a mflix-python directory to cd into.

Help please,
Thank you.

I have solved the problem.

The solution is to create the mflix-python directory first, move the mflix-python.zip file into that directory, then unzip the file from within the directory.

I believe the instructions should be corrected.


Hi @Brendan_O_Connor

That’s unusual, the unzip/unarchive programs typically create the mflix-python directory as part of the uncompression and copying of that data to that specific directory. I’m glad you found a work around.

What OS are you using and what version of unzip or what plus which version of uncompression software are you using?

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I’m not super familiar with this stuff, but here is hopefully at least a good partial answer to your questions.
If there is other info you would like, please ask. E.g., I don’t know if this answers your uncompression software question.


MacOS 10.15.7 (Catalina) (my Mac is from 2013, and it can’t upgrade to MacOS 11.x)

Hi @Brendan_O_Connor

I think your original comment is correct on investigation. I think what it does show is that a lot of users are not actually using the command line but rather GUI alternatives in OS X such as “The Unarchiver”. The default behaviour for this and most of the other GUI uncompression applications will create the directory whilst the unzip command-line program does not.

Thanks for flagging this!