Unsubcribed by mistake

I unsurscribed from M201, which is almost finished (just waiting for results), instead of M310.
Is it possible to get subscribed to this marsh session again ?

Course instructors/admin team can help you with it

Please check this
Accidentally unregistered for M040 that started at Feb 12

I will wait on them, then.

@ kanikasingla

How to contact them?


I’ve reached out to the curriculum team directly, and you might also try to reach out to @Kanika who is a Curriculum Support Engineer and can take care of this for you (I think).

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It has been restored. Thank you very much!!


Yep, just saw their reply. Good luck. :grin:

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How can we reach the curriculum team? I am unable to find their contact info.

I completed my " M103: Basic Cluster Administration" course that started on April 9th. I gave the exam too, but by mistake I unregistered myself on 4/27 after completing everything… argh!!! Who can help register me back? I was looking forward to my completion grade & certificate of completion on 4/30… PLEASE HELP!!!



Well, in general you can reach the curriculum team by using the “Report an issue” tab on the bottom of the Lecture pages. However, in this case, that may not be the most effective way to get this resolved. I will forward this directly to the curriculum team myself as well and we’ll hope that it gets taken care of quickly.

Do notice however that the curriculum team is very busy and at this time of year may be short-handed with vacations etc., so it may take some time for them to get back to you. I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.

And a warning – tacking your post onto a “Solved” post from the past is a very inefficient method of asking a question. It happened in this case that I noticed this as the Forum has not been very busy, but if I had missed it, it would not automatically show up for me. I would very strongly recommend that you open a new post for a new issue – especially if you want a quick response.

Hi Amrita,

We have enrolled you again in the March 2019 session of M103. The course should appear on your Dashboard along with other active courses.

Niyati Shah
Director, Education Operations