Unity gamedev with MongoDB/Realms SDK

So Ive been wondering how to properly implement MongoDB to a Unity project
Ive found some Unity specific DLLs someone probably remade from the base C# driver: https://github.com/Julian23517/Unity-mongo-csharp-driver-dlls and with the little documentation and tutorials Ive made leaderboards and a login system: https://twitter.com/HyperLemonPL/status/1385269669364477958?s=19
Are there any actual official DLLs for Unity, and how to use Realms SDK(I haven’t yet read the post I got sent), because currently the login data is just stored locally in a file and I guess Realms allow for better authentication etc
And also how to hide a login token/passsord to the database from a script?

Hi @Maciej_Krefft - welcome to the community forum!

You might want to start by watching this video that was published a few days ago: Introduction to the Realm SDK for Unity3D


To add onto what @Andrew_Morgan gave you, take a look at this:

It is what I had given you on Twitter.

I’d encourage you to take it slow first. Get the Unity SDK into your project and become familiar with working with your game data locally. Then when you feel you’re ready, then we can focus on the sync or auth side of things.

Just remember, that as of right now April 2021, the Unity SDK is alpha. By the Fall we should have a production release, but in the meantime, there could be bugs.


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Thank you, Ill get into it soon
Does Realm SDK also allow me to solve the problem of uncovered DB password in code?

@Maciej_Krefft The SDK does expose a built-in encryption API -

Not sure if that will help your use case?

@Maciej_Krefft We’d love to hear more about the game you are looking to build with the Realm Unity SDK - drop me a line at ian.ward@mongodb.com and I can let you fill you in on our gaming roadmap for Realm

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