UnitTest Errors

Hi there.
Well, I’ve downloaded the m220/mflix-java.zip and uploaded the data on the bd, but I 'm facing some unitTest problems when try to run all unit tests. For instance, PagingTest has errors on testPagingByCast (Line 41)… Is it normal?
Thx in advance!


Hi, Yes, I believe this is normal. You will need to fix the unit tests as you go through the assignments in the class.

Ok, I got it! But I realized that Compass debian version do not have Schema option, besides when I make a query there is a pagination just per 20 records. Is there a way to increase the display number documents?
Thx in advance!

I’m using mine on Ubuntu and it does have Schema. Make sure you get regular Compass, not the community edition. Regarding 20 record limit, I’m not sure if there is a setting for it, you can just click next arrow to get next 20.


You’re right! I’m downloading it. Thx