Unexpected behaviour of schema in compass

When i am trying to fetch data with the help of this query “db.movieDetails.find({runtime : {$eq : 80}})” it gets crashes (ie, a blank screen in schema), but when i am trying to fetch the data with this query in mongoShell i am getting the data (resulted : 8 docs).
Kindly help me with this issue, why schema getting crashes in compass while running this query.

In Compass, you don’t need to write the whole query as you have already selected the database and collection. So you just need to write filter in the query filter box:

  {runtime : {$eq : 80}}


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I am getting schema crashes for this command only “{runtime : {$eq : 80}}”

Kanika is quite right. Maybe a screen shot can help you further? Make sure you have the correct connection ( mine is: my sandbox not the class cluster)

Hi Tara-Jane,
Please find all the screen shots.

  1. when i enter this query in documents tab and click on “Find” and got 9 documents in result.

  2. When i entered this query in schema tab before analyze it.

  3. After analyzing schema.

Thanks for the reply. I can also confirm that I get the same ‘hanging’ with the schema. So you are not alone! I have ensured that I am not connected to it anywhere else, and the issue still exists.
The only difference between our two screens is that I have 2.3K documents and 1 index etc… listed at the top right, whereas you have N/A. Either way, I have the same issue. :cry:

@Kanika can you help please - does your compass also hang in schema mode?

We are aware of this issue. The team is working on this. Few things that can help:

  • Use latest 1.16.3 stable version
  • Make sure you have very good internet connectivity.

If you are still unable to resolve, hang tight we are in progress for resolving this issue.