Unescaped at-sign in authority section


I am getting the below error while trying to start the project after adding the MongoDB connection

MongoParseError: Unescaped at-sign in authority section
at parseConnectionString (D:\MongoDB Class\Lecture 0\mflix-js\node_modules\mongodb-core\lib\uri_parser.js:244:21)
at QueryReqWrap.dns.resolveTxt [as callback] (D:\MongoDB Class\Lecture 0\mflix-js\node_modules\mongodb-core\lib\uri_parser.js:126:7)
at QueryReqWrap.onresolve [as oncomplete] (dns.js:215:10)

Please check your .env file contents. It seems like some unwanted character got appended. :slight_smile:
If you are unable to solve this, please share the content of .env file.


Thank you. My issue resolved.

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