Understanding the courses/learning paths/certifications structure

Hi everyone! I am very happy to be here, discovering MongoDB and its community.

Recently, I decided to evolve my career path towards data science and ML and after learning Python, its data analysis libraries and mySQL I found out about the possibilities of a noSQL ecosystem like MongoDB.

So, after signing in, i tried to understand which could be the best path in this new world, but at the moment I do not have a firm grasp on which could be the best choice when it comes to courses/learning paths/certifications, can someone help me?

Would it be the best choice to start with the MongoDB Python Developer Path, before anything else, or should I start from other courses? What are useful for the Self-Managed Database Admin and the Onboarding with Customer Success learning paths?

Moreover, could someone explain me which are the differences between an associate developer certification and a DBA one?

Thanks in advance for your time and your help. Have a nice day.

Hi there and welcome to the forums! So glad you’re checking out our learning resources.

We generally recommend people unfamiliar with MongoDB start with our introductory learning path. Based on your background with Python, the Python Developer learning path would probably be a great place to start. Completing the developer learning path with prepare you for the Developer certification exam.

You also mentioned your familiarity with SQL so you might find our MongoDB for SQL Professionals learning path useful.

I’ll let others chime in on the differences between our certifications but the core difference is that the Developer certification is intended for those looking to build applications with MongoDB and the Database Admin certification is for those looking to administer and maintain MongoDB infrastructure.

Hope this answers some of your questions!

Thanks for your kind reply and welcome, Aiyana. Python Developer learning path seems to be the perfect fit right now, I will start the path as soon as possible!

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