Understanding Realm Pricing

Hi there!

I’m trying to understand Realm pricing in order to estimate the cost of my mobile application.

I have some questions based on the Mobile Application example of the Billing section of the documentation.

The example compute the number of requests for a given group chat but let’s consider the following:

  • When I start the app, it displays a list with all the group chats I used.
  • All the messages of the same group chat are stored in the same Collection and have the same partition value.
  • When I open a group chat, the app open a Realm and get the sent messages:

let realm = try! Realm(configuration: realmApp.currentUser!.configuration(partitionValue:))
let messages = realm.objects(Message.self)

1 - If I open a group chat 10 times and there is no new messages sent, is the number of requests equal to 10? (1 for each time I call Realm(config:))

2 - Regarding the data transfer, as Realm is offline first and thus once the messages have been sync’d they are saved locally, the data transferred correspond to the number of messages sent no matter how many times I open the group chat, right?

Thanks for your help!!

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