Understanding Mongo connection steps

HI, I want to make sure I’m understanding the connection steps correctly. Prior to connecting to Mongo Atlas in the shell, when I type Mongo the prompt returns back Mongo. Now when I type Mongo in the shell the prompt is returning Mongo Enterprise.

What’s controlling or being saved in the shell that recognizes that I’ve connected to Atlas in the past? I’ve even tested this with a new instance of a Mongo shell. Is there a way to get only the Mongo prompt back if needed?

Please show the screenshot
What is your os?

Hi, I’m running Windows 10. See screenshot below. Thanks!

When you type just mongo on cmd prompt of Windows it connects to default mongod running on port 27017
And your prompt will look like > (greater than symbol)
When you are connecting to Class cluster or your Sandbox cluster it will show MongodbEnterprise>

I did not understand what you meant by this “when I type Mongo the prompt returns back Mongo”

Hi @Monique_Bennett-Lowe,

This text is just for informational purpose.

You can use the .mongorc.js file to modify this. You can read more about it here.

~ Shubham

Thanks for the modification file. I’ll review then apply.

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