Unanticipated Auto-Indexing breaking DB

I’m currently facing an issue with MongoDB Atlas related to automatic indexing on a substantial collection. This process is adding an unexpected extra 1.5GB of storage to my database, consequently pushing me to the brink of my 2GB limit. I discovered that this auto-indexing process is a standard feature of MongoDB Atlas, which I learned about here.

However, what I find problematic is the lack of advance notification or warning before this process takes place. The surprise addition of 1.5GB to the database can be incredibly disruptive, especially when dealing with a production database where storage is meticulously managed and calculated.

The fact that such a significant increase in size can occur without prior notification makes it challenging to account for these unexpected changes and to manage resources effectively. I believe it would be highly beneficial to receive some kind of alert or warning before such an automatic process initiates. This would allow users to better prepare and potentially avoid critical disruptions in their production environment.

Hi @Callum_Osborne,

Thank you for your suggestion. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this problem. I’d like to look into this a bit more, as auto-creating a 1.5GB index based on 0.5GB of document data would be very unexpected. Would you mind filing a support case for this so I can look more into your environment?


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