Unable to use load('validateLab1.js') command

Could you please help me as i have tried using this command but it failed although the absolute path was specified?

open cmd line then

  • cd C:\Users\changethis\Downloads\chapter1
  • mongo
  • load(‘validateLab1.js’)

thanks,that helps but still i am unable to execute the validateLab1(pipeline) command as it gives below error:
MongoDB Enterprise > load(validateLab1.js)
2018-10-23T08:50:49.624+0530 E QUERY [js] ReferenceError: validateLab1 is not defined :


As @sumancha posted, please use quotes: load('validateLab1.js')

Also make sure you start the mongo shell from the directory where you saved the validateLab1.js file.

José Carlos

Thanks its working fine.


In fact, you can use