Unable to type in the IDE

Hi everyone,

I am trying to finish the IDE Workshop from Chapter 2, but the terminal won’t let me type anything after I paste the link to connect to my Atlas Cluster. This means that I can’t write my password. I tried opening a new terminal, refreshing the page and even rebooting my laptop, but nothing worked.

The browser I am using is Firefox 103.0.2, and I didn’t have any issues to finish Chapter 1.

Any help will be welcome!

“enter pasword” prompt should not show you any signs of key press to protect the password. is this what you are referring “unable to type”? just continue typing the password and press enter.

if that won’t work, try adding password flag to the command mongo "......" --username m001-student --password your_pass_word

if both fails, report back again here.


That worked. Thank you!

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