Unable to start machine after windows update

Hi Guys,

I am facing a sudden issue after my system got windows update. Getting the below error,

@007_jb Kindly help me to solve this issue.

What are your versions of VirtualBox and vagrant?

It looks like a problem with the private network that VirtualBox creates.
Try to, open Network Connections, look for all the connections beginning with “VirtualBox” and ensure that they are all Enabled. Also share a screenshot.

Hi JB,

The Issue got resolved after I unable and disabled the OS network adapter.


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All data is lost I guess. In /var no mongodb folder is present.

I am working on sharding lab 2, but whatever I created before is not visible. Can you help me for this please???

Probably because the machine was destroyed during the update, you used vagrant destroy or during a machine restart. Just start to create the folders and start again.

Do you have access to/shared from the VM?

I don’t know.

But what about the replication nodes and everything I created before ? Can’t it be retrieved ?

Last time also I destroyed the vagrant but no data was lost.

Are you sure it was /var? Maybe it’s /data. Have a look in there. Well, if it’s not there you can’t retrieve it. Just do fire it all up again, it should be quick.

alright !! Will do it again

Good practice for you too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @007_jb,

I am not able to validate the output.
validate_lab_shard_collection: command not found

Can you please tell what needs to be done ?

Did you try to search for the file?
Usually located here /var/m103/validation

Looks like provisioning issue
You may have to re provision
Please check this link

Validate_box command not found

Thanks @007_jb and @Ramachandra_37567,

Hi @Gaurav_65978,

As I can see, you have successfully completed the course. Please feel free to get back to us if you still have any questions.

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