Unable to sign in

I am currently enrolled for the M121 course, but I can’t sign in anymore.
Whenever I click the “Sign In” button on the login page, the validation fails with a “This field is required.” error on both fields despite them not being empty.
My credentials are registered into my browser and had worked so far, so I don’t think there is a problem with them.

Thankfully, I was somehow able to access the discussion forum without being asked to sign in.

If somebody could help, that would be nice.

Hi Marie_92894,

I am unable to replicate the issue on my end.

Can you please try logging in from a different browser just to be sure?

Also, let us know which browser is working and which is not.


Hi Kanika,
After a bit of testing (should have done this right away :roll_eyes:), I could reproduce on Firefox and Edge. More specifically, this happens when the fields are automatically filled by the browser and lead to a “Bad request” status code.
No problem with Chrome though.

Thank you and sorry for the bother.