Unable to run testcases using MFlix application


I downloded the data into my mongodb database and am able connect and query the data as well.
But when I am running the testcases from Mflix application, none of the testcases are passed.
I am able to open the screen using the url, http://localhost:5000/, but not able to run the test cases. I am doing it as per the README.txt, but still facing the issue.

Please help me!

Thanks & Regards,
Indira K

Hello! What do you mean by unable to run test cases on local server? Do you see the complete data when you connect using Compass? Is the document count in collections on local same as the university database collections? Do share more information and screenshot so other can help you.

Here are the steps that am following.

Step 1 : mongo “mongodb+srv://mflix-la1xj.mongodb.net/test” --username m220

Step 2 : connected to mongodb database and below is the screen shot for imported data using the mongorestore utility. i.e, the data available in my m220 user

Step 3: python run.py

Step 4 : running url for mflix application for testcases.

Below is the MFLIX_DB_URI entry from my .ini file for [test] and [prod]:

MFLIX_DB_URI = mongodb+srv://m220:m220@mflix-la1xj.mongodb.net/test

Below is my environment variables screen shot.

Please help me where I am doing mistake here.

Thanks in Advance!
Indira K

At the beginning all the tests fail, that is normal.
When you start fixing the tickets in the course, the labs include the name of the test you need to run, see it pass, and will show the code you need to post for “validate” you did it correctly.

Hi Corsario,

Thanks for looking into it.
But here, my doubt is that the initial testcase for testing connection is also failing.

Is that also fine ?

Thanks & Regards,
Indira K

Its working fine now.

Thanks alot for the response.

Best Regards,
Indira K