Unable to run mongosync with 2 self-maneged clusters

Hi, I need mongosync to synchronise 2 self-maneged clusters with mongosync in a docker environment. For the developpement, the 2 clusters are on the same host.
Here is the config file :

cluster0: 'mongodb://XXXX:YYYY@host.docker.internal:30001/?&directConnection=true'
cluster1: 'mongodb://XXXX:YYYY@host.docker.internal:30005/?&directConnection=true'
verbosity: 'TRACE'
logPath: "/var/log/mongosync"
port: 27182

And this is the output (nothing more) :

2023-06-01 15:06:11 {"level":"info","serverID":"9ccd6da3","time":"2023-06-01T13:06:11.8584176Z","message":"Maximum memory limit for CEA set to 2045591552 bytes"}

When I send progress command, i have this :

# curl localhost:27182/api/v1/progress -POST

And when i try others command I have the following output (start for example):

# curl localhost:27182/api/v1/start -POST   
405 method not allowed

It looks like mongosync does not end the init process.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Mallory,

Can you try the DEBUG verbosity level instead?

It must be -XPOST, not -POST. In your case it sends GET request which is not supported by mongosync. And you have to set source and destination:

curl localhost:27182/api/v1/start -XPOST --data '{"source": "cluster0","destination": "cluster1"}'

Actually I’m upset that this question is still open on this forum, looks like it’s not active at all.