Unable to retake the course M201

I failed in the final exam and now I unable to retake / restart the course.

When I click on “Re-Start Course” I foward to page that have the option to “Resume” and after to page “Retake the Course” and again to “Resume” page.

Does anyone know how to restart the course ?


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Is it just one question or many you failed in the final exam?
Did you get overall score?
You will fail the course if your average of labs/quiz+final exam is less than 65%
So clarify what is the exact problem
You cannot retake exam.You have to register for the course and repeat all over again

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I failed in the final exam.

How I register for the course again ?

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You can register for the course the same way you registered earlier
Go to university course page–>choose your course Then register
Since your emailid is linked(registered user) to the course it may not allow if previous course is not completed.So you may have to wait for the earlier course to end
Mongodb staff can better explain the latest rules



It is not allowing me to retake …do we have any time line to wait before we take it again.

Hey @Rahmath_Ali,

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Our courses’ new offerings get released every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC. So, since you were already enrolled in last week’s course offering(ie, Aug 9th), it’s not allowing you to re-enrol. Kindly wait for some time and then re-try, you will be able to retake the course as soon as the new offering starts.

Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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