Unable to restore Mongodb Database in Onpremises

Hi Team,

We have mongodb version of 6.0.9 in Cloud Atlas. We need to migrated the data to onpremies.
Installed same version and dowload the snapshot backup from cloud, then try to restore it using mongorestore command in Onpremise newly installed mongodb 6.0.9 version. But unable to restore the tar backup from cloud. I am struck in this point . Please advise.

Hi @Kiran_Joshy,
With the mongorestore, you have to use the mongodump necessarly.

From the documentation:

Or you can use this new tool:


Backup can be logical or physical, you need to make sure the way you back up on atlas is compatible with the way to restore on on-premise server. (e.g. binary format? disk format?)

Can you help on this