Unable to register for C100DEV exam

Hello guys,
I have been trying to register for the C100DEV exam after having completed the learning path, but I am constantly facing the same error. It lands me on the same error page every time that I have tried so far (see attached screenshot). Is the system facing an issue or is it just me?
Looking forward to a response,
Anirudh Babu

For anybody wanting to reply or follow along, I have been in touch with certification@mongodb.com with suggestions around clearing cookies and switching browsers only to face the same error. I haven’t received a solution yet, and I am still in touch with them.

(Also, they have been in denial of any system issues, so I absolutely don’t know what’s going on)

I am facing the same issue:(

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I am still in contact with the team. They have forwarded it to the technical team in order to resolve the issue. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to contact certification@mongodb.com to let them know you are facing the issue too.

I sent an email certification@mongodb.com

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My issue has been resolved!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I couldn’t register myself due to unknown issues, but the support team registered for me and I was able to book a slot thereafter.
Wish me luck!

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