Unable to register data in mongodb and unable to connect to mongodb compass

I created database in mongodb cloud and then try to access through mongodb compass and its connected but unable to see databse.

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Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe by MongoDB Cloud you mean MongoDB Atlas.

Please make sure that the user you are using while connecting MongoDB Compass to your Atlas cluster has relevant role.

You can check the users in your Atlas cluster by clicking on Database Access under Security which is available on the left side of the Atlas UI.

For more information, please check below resources.

I hope this helps with your issue, in case you face any more issues or have any queries, feel free to post a new thread. In case you are still not able to see your data in Compass, kindly share below details.

  • MongoDB Cluster being used (M0, M2 etc)
  • Role provided to the database user in Atlas UI.
  • Connection URL being used for connection - Please redact any sensitive information such as username and password before sharing the Connection string.


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Issue Resolved.

  1. My mistake was, database created but access was not granted to anyone, including me that’s why error was atlas: 8000
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